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The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Kaizen Institute Thailand and in partnership with leading bilateral chambers of commerce in Thailand, is delighted to invite you and your friends to join the following event: 

GTCC Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard Seminar 
“Double Digit Improvements within a Year – Believe it or Not! 
KAIZEN™ - Engaging Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day” 

with Mr. Peter Weiss, Managing Director of Kaizen Institute Thailand 

Date: Friday, 15 June 2018 at 15.30 – 17.30 p.m. 
Venue: Meeting Room 4, Holiday Inn Pattaya 

Kaizen Institute Thailand is a provider of management consulting and training services. Supporting clients globally, the KAIZEN™ Business Systems has consistently generated double digit improvements across industries, using an authentic, holistic and practical approach. 

We will explain the origins of KAIZEN™ and demystifying it. A special focus will be given on how KAIZEN™ can be adapted within the Thai business context. We will discuss how “Mai pen rai” and other cultural concepts, can be beneficially integrated in a continuous improvement culture. You will gain an understanding how to proactively and sustainably solve problems, moving from the “Dooming Cycle” to plan, do, analyse and change as basis of continuously improving your business unit. 

The presentation addresses participants from all industries. The founder of Kaizen Institute Masaaki Imai has expressed this with his interpretation of KAIZEN: Every Day, Everybody, Everywhere – Improvements.