The New Zealand Thai Chamber of Commerce will celebrate Matariki, Māori New Year 2022, for the very first time in Thailand after 2 years of preparation and planning.




The Matariki Event will be held over five days, from the 24th to the 29th of June 2022 and will highlight the close people to people, educational projects and cultural connections that our two countries share. We could not hold this event without the help of our generous sponsors, New Zealand Embassy, C-ASEAN, ThaiBev, dwp, KFC, Grande Centre Point Ploenchit, Fonterra, Wild Ferns, CO-OP and KBank who have been supporting us in various matters.




This 2022, Matariki Event will be organized toward education, culture and art through the Young Animators project to be officially launched and brought by NZTCC to the children in Bangkok and Children of the Forest in Kanchanaburi. Young Animators is a digital animation initiative project led and facilitated by Nikora Ngaropo, a veteran animator of 20 years having worked on movies such as Avatar, The Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, and many more. 


What is Makariki?

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades, it is also a special occasion in New Zealand which marks the start of the Māori New Year. This event is signified by the Matariki cluster of stars appearing in the night sky. People take part in events to honour the beginning of the Māori New Year, and in whānau (family) celebrations to remember those who have died and to plan for the year ahead.


What is the Young Animators project?

Young Animators is a digital animation initiative which is designed to inspire and open the eyes of 9 to 18-year-olds in the field of animation and the possibilities of the digital world. With a technology-based education program, the Young Animators project engages and introduces the children to the principles of animation.


Why is NZTCC bringing Young Animators to Thailand?

This year, the event focus will be toward education, culture and art through the Young Animators project and will highlight and expose the beautiful Matariki and Māori cultures to students in Thailand using digital animation.


Event Date

25 June - Young Animators workshop @ ISB International School, Bangkok.

27 June - Young Animators workshop @ Children of the Forest, Kachanaburi.

28 June - Young Animators workshop @ C-ASEAN, Samyan Mitrtown.

29 June - Meet-Greet-Grasp Knowledge from World-Class Animator, Nikora Ngaropo @ the Amphi Theater, Co-Op, Samyan Mitrtown.