Job Vacancy: Executive Director

September 20, 2021


You will manage the recruitment of members and strategic partners, the activities and the administration of the New Zealand Thai Chamber of Commerce. NZTCC’s mission is to promote trade and business between New Zealand and Thailand. In addition, you will collaborate with your peers and key NZ Inc stakeholders on relevant initiatives.


Title: Executive Director
Reports to: President of New Zealand Thai Chamber of Commerce
Staff reporting to this role: None
Location: Bangkok
Direct Reports: No
Budget responsibility: No

1.  Key Accountabilities for this position

In this position you will be responsible for delivering on the following key accountabilities:

Business Development

  • Identify relevant companies and organizations whether NZ, Thai or other that would be suitable to become a member of NZTCC
  • Responsible for managing the membership revenue base which includes proactively assisting with member recruitment, managing annual billing and payment, and implementing member retention activities.

Member Engagement

  • Contribute to the development of market information for sharing with members (NZTCC as a business advisor and connector in both NZ and Thailand)
  • Responsible for maintaining good relationships with Members and keeping constant engagements to ensure they see value in being a member
  • Responsible for managing the flow of communications with Members and external audiences – this includes the website, email updates, Facebook and other social media channels
  • Help develop marketing materials to promote the Chamber to members and also demonstrate the benefits of membership

Strategic Partnership Management

  • Work closely with Executive Committee members to identify strategic partners
  • Develop pitching presentations and assist in connecting Executive Committee with the right contact within the organization
  • Prepare 6 monthly strategic partnership review presentations to be shared

Sponsorship Management

  • Help identify potential sponsors and contacts within the organizations
  • Develop sponsorship packages that span longer than an event
  • Facilitate signing for longer term sponsorship agreements
  • Maintain close strong relationships with sponsors

Committee Operations

  • Operate the committee processes in accordance with the constitution and the applicable laws, and in conjunction with the President and related officials
  • Responsible for operation and administration of the Chamber and make sure everything is well organized and prepared as per the Chamber’s plan and direction
  • Manage contracts, as well as prepare to and analyze data for the Chamber’s Committee Members to make the best business decisions.

Financial Management

  • Responsible for operating the bank accounts of the Chamber and managing the accounting records, including managing payments and collections and maintaining records for audit.
  • Provide budgets along with P&L for all major Chamber activities
  • Help work with Treasurer to create monthly financial and operational reports

Market Intelligence

  • Responsible for scanning market environments and providing intelligence which feeds into communication channels

Stakeholder/Network Management

  • Responsible for identifying, developing and maintaining strategic networks and relationships with appropriate internal and external stakeholders, including the Embassy and other NZ Inc partners and other chambers of commerce
  • Strategically establish stakeholder networks in relevant industries and maintain records as appropriate.
  • Plans, attends and constructively contributes to meetings between key  stakeholders and contacts
  • Ensure all relevant information is distributed accurately and timely to relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure up-to-date information is distributed stored through relevant systems
  • Manage key relationships and engages in multi-partied, complex, sensitive/highly confidential and political initiatives which have a high impact and involve complex decision making 

Event & Project Management

  • Responsible for the delivery of projects and activities as required. This will include diplomatic events such as Red Cross & YWCA Fair.
  • Work with designated Committee member on event scheduling, plans, implementations and follow up
  • Accountable for event and mission planning and implementation

Professional Behaviour

  • Professionally represent the Chamber in events and activities
  • Be an advocate for NZ Inc and helping drive towards the vision and goals of the Chamber
  • Work collaboratively as part of NZTCC and as part of NZ Inc. This requires the incumbent to be decisive and thought provoking but to also accept collective responsibility for decisions taken
  • Promote the Values and Goals for New Zealand and NZTCC including good employer principles and practices and high standards of integrity, ethics and behaviour in all operations of the business
  • Support a focus on contributing to the Chamber’s goals including meeting Treaty of Waitangi obligations and protecting the environment
  • Prepare reports and papers for the Chamber Committee meeting in English

2.  To be successful in this position

In this position successful delivery will utilise a range of your skills and experience.  For this position NZTCC will look for and recruit a talented person who can demonstrate they have the following attributes.

  • Commercial business related experience preferably in the private sector
  • Highly networked individual with valuable contacts relevant to NZ – Thai trade
  • 5-10+ years commercial business related experience preferably in the private sector
  • Tertiary qualification in related field supplemented with professional training
  • Knowledge and understanding of the local business environment and economic issues and trends
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills in English and local language
  • High computer literacy with competence using the Microsoft Office suite and experience using Customer Relationship Management software or equivalent tools

3.  NZTCC Competencies

Commercially Minded

Understands about business and can incorporate that thinking into the daily tasks t help bring the Chamber towards its goal of being more Commerce than just social.

Member Centric

Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of members and highlighting ideas, concerns and issues to Committee members; gets first-hand member information and uses it for improvements Chamber offerings; acts with members in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with members and gains their trust and respect.

Learning on the Fly

Learns quickly when facing new problems; a relentless and versatile learner; open to change; analyses both success and failures for clues to improvement; experiments and will try anything to find solutions; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks; quickly grasps the essence and the underlying structure of anything.

Working Solo or in a Team

Is comfortable to work individually with minimal guidance and supervision and understand when to seek help. Can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all when working in a team environment; can represent his/her own interests and yet be fair to other groups; can solve problems in isolations; is seen as a team player and is cooperative; easily gains trust and support of others; encourages collaboration; can be candid with Committee.

4.     Role Specific Competencies

The role specific competencies highlight the key behavioural and technical skills important for success in this position.

Decision Quality

Makes good decisions (without considering how much time it takes) based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment; most of his/her solutions and suggestions turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time; sought out by others for advice and solutions.


Can marshal resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently; arranges information and files in a useful manner.


Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish; seldom gives up before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks. Finds ways to get things done and doesn’t let obstacles stop in the achievement of goals

Presentation Skills

Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports, and bosses; is effective both inside and outside the organisation, on both cool data and hot controversial topics; commands attention and can manage group process during the presentation; can change tactics midstream when something isn’t working.


Always prepared to work with others in a team fashion, is prepared to listen but also not hold back on thoughts and ideas that can benefit the overall task at hand.  Enjoys working with a variety of people and cultures

Technical skills

such as website maintenance, management of social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn), ability to post pictures and videos onto various sites.

Contact and Management

On-going contact and management of key stakeholders and Co-ordination of key activities during the year including fund-raising initiatives and resource deployment to beneficiaries.

Interesting candidate please submit your CV along with letter of application to director(at) before September 28, 2021 at 5pm.

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